Thats a so mediocre piece i find disturbing to be highlighted by the plataform itself, but it makes sense when you think in the very core of Daves argument: huge corporations enslave artists. And by the way thats the very point the author chooses to miss. Which is a point that every artists who urges to say gets beat down by the very same corporations, such as Kanye and Chance. The author keeps track of a sentence of dave (in what he says it felt good that netflix took down something that makes him feel bad) to write a whole article based on the argument "Oh its funny you like when people respect your feelings while you hurt trans people feelings". Dave dont have "hurt feelings" towards comedy central, he has the anger of having his job stolen by the corporation which enslaved him in a contract, when you take this to make a piece about identitarism flipping the core of the message you get a shit article as this. And then comes the "progressive" plataform to highlight a piece that between the lines say that theres nothing wrong in the corporations and you deserved to have your lifetime work stealed if you hurt trans people feelings. Thats make the case about what identitarism is, just another form of capitalism flip progressive minds to fight the very own people thats been enslaved by them corporates.